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Dear friend of a healthful way of life

You like to go into a sauna but you do not have one at your own plot of land.
A barrel sauna would be an original variant and an eye-catcher of your garden.
At my website www.fasssauna.de you can see a lot of pictures. You will see the size of the barrel -
L:2,25m - D:2,05m + height of roof - a.s.o. and you will find the technical details for the oven.
First of all, it is important for you to find out if the sauna is to be built in the outside - or inside area (garage, shed, extension, barn, underground vault ...).
Outside a roof is urgently necessary. Mostly my customers create the roof themselves - possibly with a greater one at the front side. Of course, a complete delivery with a "standard
roof" is also available.
Power electricity of 400 V / 6 kW is needed. In the electric heater the complete electronic control is included, i.g. it is not necessary to install any external control instrument outside of the sauna.
Alternatively it could be delivered a wooden-fired oven Harvia with heat-protective shields (insulating material at the bottom and at the sides) and stainless steel chimney (of course, with complete insulating material for the back wall).
We should like to give you some more information for the delivery: As you can see from the pictures the sauna is forwarded as a complete building set on pallets -- The following parts have already been assembled as a building group -- door with frame, benches, ground grate a.s.o.-.

Who does the barrel build? You or technical experts? In each case, you have to make the electricity connection and the ground.

Some more instructions:

The barrel sauna is made like a barrel, i.g. the planks lie unfixed next to each other and they are hold together with 3 span ribbons. A small decreasing is possible. Gaps between the planks (nut and bolt) are reduced by tighting the 6 stringed locks.

Consequently, the planks are not glued or srewed together.
Due to the 60mm thickness a very good thermal insulation is given. An additional insulation is not necessary. The thermal capacity of the oven is also sufficient when there are high minus temperatures.
The electric heater is a special storage oven (c. 100 kg stones). After reaching a preselected temperature of stones the electronic control goes into the stand-by operation. During this time the oven covering is closed (small heat release and so little heat losses only, small demand in electricity!).
Only when using (the sauna guest goes into the inner room at normal temperatures - in the winter time, of course, pre-heated and even then he opens the oven covering to use the storage heat - Pouring herb water a.s.o. that is all possible.
Due to the small measurements of the barrel (and in consequence of that a smaller thermal and electricity consumption) it is only provided for arranging the benches next to one another. The innen length you can use for lying is 2.00m. So 2 persons can lie or 4 to 6 ones may sit.
The electric heater is extremely heat insulated outside. When touching there is not any burning danger (children!).
The oven fired with wood can reach a room temperature of 100 °C with 3 to 4 pieces of wood (of good quality) without problems.
The above-mentioned sizes of the barrel have proved to be optimal for years - smaller is not effective - if the measures are greater so a higher electricity consumption would be necessary without practical use of the inner room size. In case, you should be interested in a longer sauna it would be possible to deliver it, perhaps, with a small anteroom and separation by a glass door.
The wood is untreated - a weather-proofed varnish is urgently necessary.

Please, look at the website   www.fasssauna.de  for more informations.

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